Process to Modify Child Support in Florida?

Answer Modifying a child support order is somewhat complex in Florida. The payer of the child support and the recipient both have the right to petition for modification due to a change in financial circum... Read More »

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How to Write a Memo to Modify Child Support?

All states in the United States adopted child support guidelines and worksheets used to determine the financial obligation of the non-custodial parent in cases of divorce, legal separation and pate... Read More »

Can you go back to court to modify child support agreement?

In California, I was allowed a modification every 3 years. It is just a matter of contacting the District Attorney's office or who ever has your case and requesting it. This goes for both parties.

How does someone get proof that a child was adopted so he can get child support terminated in Florida?

When the child is adopted do you still have to pay child support in Florida?

If you live in the US... Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor. Therefore, you are still subject to your parents control and authority. However, as a parent yourself you have pa... Read More »