Process in Ratifying the Constitution?

Answer The process to ratify the Constitution of the United States of America serves to include a law or protection that was not in the original institution, known as an amendment. The procedure is allowe... Read More »

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What things does cpu process in games that an Nvidia Fermi card(gtx480) cannot process?

Well the CPU handles the command lines like changing scenario's going from one seen to another, setting up scenes and generally running the game...the GPU does the graphics, shading, 3D (if it has ... Read More »

Write a c program with 3 processes the parent process A reads a number k.child process b computes for fibonaci?

First of all, how are you going to learn to do your own programming if somebody else is writing the code for you. Secondly, how will you be able to pass the tests that go with the class if you do ... Read More »

How would US be different without Constitution?

The Constitution is the basis for our central government. Without it our government would probably have divided by early as Shays Rebelion. We need the constitution because it gives the right to go... Read More »

Fun US Constitution Activities?

The constitution is the governing article of the United States of America. It addresses topics such as how much power the central government is to have and how many representatives should be allowe... Read More »