Procedures for Defaulting on a Second Mortgage?

Answer If you're worried about defaulting on your second mortgage payments, you can turn to help from the federal government. The government runs its own modification program for second mortgage loans, en... Read More »

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Laws for Mortgage Defaulting in Virginia?

When a borrower is excessively behind on mortgage payments, lenders have the right, based on home loan contracts, to foreclose. This means, lenders go through legal channels to evict borrowers and ... Read More »

Pennsylvania Mortgage Closing Procedures?

The Pennsylvania mortgage process can be complicated, and the closing part of it is no exception. There are documents to check and insurance to verify. If Pennsylvania residents know what to expect... Read More »

How do I Defend an HOA Foreclosure After Defaulting?

Not paying homeowner dues can result in a homeowner's association filing a foreclosure against a home, and it can be over a relatively low amount. In many cases, according to experts at Fox Busines... Read More »

Is defaulting on a payday loan against the law?

If a borrower defaults on his payday loan, he will not be arrested. The payday lender may debit the borrower's bank account for the funds, as stated in the contract, but if the funds are not in the... Read More »