Procedure to Help Stuffy Nose?

Answer Stuffy nose, also called nasal congestion, is usually caused by either a cold or sinus infection. It can also be the result of allergies (in this case you have to identify the source of the allergy... Read More »

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Can a chiropractor help a stuffy nose?

On One Hand: Chiropractic May Ease Sinus CongestionChiropractic care can help relieve a stuffy nose. Proper alignment of the spine and neck reduces stress on the body and the nervous system, which ... Read More »

Using breast milk to help clear stuffy nose?

That was me. :-) You can aim & fire (LOL) or you can express it into a bowl or cup and then use a syringe. As for how much...not exactly sure. I do it both ways and I just do whatever I can get ... Read More »

My nose is so stuffy not even nasual spray will help and I took a few sinus pills?

Get a bowl fill it with boiling hot water put your face right over the bowl and put a towel over your head. It may sound funny but it really helps. Hope I helped

Operation on nose due to stuffy/runny nose. is it safe?