Problems with pasting text?

Answer Just place the cursor where you want to paste. Left click to draw focus to spot, then use Ctrl + v (paste).Ron

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Can we quit with the copying and pasting thing?

I hate people cutting and pasting wiki, it should be an instant violation on the grounds of plagiarism, and the answer be removed.

Why is cutting and pasting important to kindergarteners and pre-k children?

This helps them strengthen their fine motors skills, hand and eye coordination and lots more

Copy & Pasting in Excel 2007 Freezes My Computer?

One of the most common problems with Microsoft Excel 2007 is a glitch that occasionally occurs where the user's computer will freeze when they copy and paste a cell. While there is no clear-cut rea... Read More »

How do I remove the blue background when copy-pasting from Wikipedia?

This question was asked recently. Check out the best answer, and the other answers below to help you. Use the link below. Wikipedia probably does this to make sure that people do not plagiarize ... Read More »