Problems with my PC...very iritating?

Answer Hi SamirDownload the FREE AVAST software. It will scan for trojans and virus and is one of the best software around. We programmers use this on all our laptops and desktop. You won't need any other... Read More »

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What is the most annoying and iritating thing the MIL has done since the baby's arrived?

Well, according to my husband she does NOTHING wrong. She likes to tell me what to do with my daughter and how to do it. She never breastfed her kids, yet she tries to tell me how to breastfeed m... Read More »

Problems With a Fast Busy Signal With Incoming Phone Calls?

Traditional telephone lines use a series of tones to indicate a number of things. While regular busy signal indicates that the number dialed is in use, a slightly faster busy signal -- called a fas... Read More »

Help with printing problems with an epson stylus photo r320?

Epson is horrible in this regard. I'e got a Stylus C45. All the time the ink jams the nozzles and the head and there are huge costs in trying to clean the nozzles and the head. It looks like the pr... Read More »

How to Deal With Someone Who Is Having Problems With Drugs or Drinking?

Is there someone in your life that is having problems with drugs or alcohol? You cannot change anyone else's behavior, only your own. Here is how to survive.