Problems with Crickets in the House?

Answer Crickets are insects with long bodies, long antennae, large back legs and a reputation for loudly chirping at night. Crickets usually live and breed outside, but they sometimes accidentally come in... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Crickets in the House?

Although seemingly harmless, crickets can slowly eat away at any unprotected nearby fabrics or papers stored in your house if they are not promptly removed. In addition to damaging your belongings,... Read More »

How do I keep crickets out of a house?

Outdoor Cricket RemovalRemove any outdoor rocks, tall vegetation, wood pilings and clutter buildup because these are prime areas for crickets to hide in. Replace regular outside lighting with yello... Read More »

How many crickets are in a fluckers freeze dried crickets container?

im not sure but freeze dried anything has very little nutrition and you should buy bulk online like at premiumcrickets or something 1000 crickets for like 13$

Problems in the Foundation of a House?

Foundation problems can be the most serious to deal with in a house, because they affect everything else in the house. A foundation that moves, shifts or settles will not only be damaged itself--it... Read More »