Problems With the TiVo Audio?

Answer TiVo is a device that records television programs for viewing at a later time. Input your entertainment preferences and TiVo selects programs with a similar theme. This feature makes TiVo a popu... Read More »

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Can you still record with TiVo with no TiVo service?

Older TiVo models came with TiVo Basic, which allowed for minimal recording and scheduling without a service plan. On all TiVo Series 2, 3 and 4 models, a service plan is required to record. Withou... Read More »

Problems With 300 SE Mercedes Bose Audio?

Bose is a producer of high-end audio equipment, and Mercedes has used Bose stereos in some of its vehicles. If the Bose unit in your Mercedes is having problems, there could be a number of reasons ... Read More »

Does a TiVo DVR require service from TiVo?

In order to use a TiVo DVR, you must purchase a service subscription plan from the company. TiVo offers four different plans: monthly, annually, 3-year and product lifetime. As of 2010, the plan... Read More »

How to Record Audio from YouTube with Audio Hijack Pro (Mac)?

Audio Hijack Pro is a free program for Mac computers that can be used to record audio from any application in mp3 file form, including YouTube videos in a web browser. It records the audio only fro... Read More »