Problems With the Motherboard on an eMachine?

Answer It could be an indication of a motherboard failure when an eMachine doesn't function correctly, doesn't turn on or keeps freezing. These symptoms may also be related to other hardware device failur... Read More »

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Specs for the eMachine MS-7211 Motherboard?

The Californian computer company eMachines uses the MS-7211 motherboard in a number of its products. This motherboard is produced by the Taiwanese computer components manufacturer Micro-Star Intern... Read More »

Where is the memory upgrade motherboard for an eMachine T1120?

The memory upgrade slots on a motherboard for an eMachines T1120 are located in the upper-right corner of the motherboard. Remove the side panel to access the inside of the computer. The memory s... Read More »

Does the Emachine w3052 motherboard take PCI or PCI Express video cards?

The eMachines W3052 desktop PC has an accelerated graphics port, or AGP, slot and three PCI slots for video cards. The computer has no PCI-Express slots. AGP is much faster than PCI, which stands f... Read More »

Im having problems with my motherboard...................…?

You just need to learn how to correctly push those buttons, takes some men years of practise...! ;o) x