Problems With an Auto Clutch?

Answer Clutches are equipped in automobiles with both manual and automatic transmissions. Clutches have two rotating shafts which can either be connected or separated. The clutch provides a way for the wh... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot an Auto Clutch?

A clutch assembly consists of a pressure plate and a clutch disk. The pressure plate pushes the clutch disc against a flywheel to connect the transmission to the engine. The clutch disk is a fricti... Read More »

Wet Clutch Problems?

For a motorcycle to be able to change gears while running, it needs a clutch to disengage the transmission from the crankshaft and combustion process. Many motorcycle clutches operate "wet" or bath... Read More »

Problems With a Clutch?

The clutch is an essential part of an automotive vehicle, but since it's a component that's frequently in use during journeys, it's vulnerable to a range of problems. Many of these are a result of... Read More »

Clutch Bleeding Problems?

A clutch system refers to a method of engaging and disengaging a vehicle engine from its transmission. If air becomes trapped in the hydraulic line, it compresses, preventing proper hydraulic funct... Read More »