Problems With an Alternator?

Answer A faulty alternator can lead to problems ranging from a slow-starting engine to a vehicle that will not start at all. Alternators work by converting power from the engine to ensure that your car an... Read More »

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BMW Alternator Problems?

The alternator of your BMW may exhibit a few nuances during vehicle operation that affect the entire electrical system. Though these problems are common, you may want to replace the alternator if y... Read More »

Alternator Charging Problems?

An alternator's purpose is to provide electrical power to a car while it is running as well as to charge the battery. When an alternator problem develops, it needs to be promptly repaired before th... Read More »

Can the Alternator Cause Transmission Problems?

As complex as modern automobiles are, there's almost no such thing as a single-system failure. Today's cars are an amalgamation of integrated systems, all carefully interlaced to give the computer ... Read More »

Common Alternator Problems?

The alternator in a car is responsible for charging the battery and powering the accessories in and on the car, like the radio, the air conditioner and the head- and taillights. If your alternator ... Read More »