Problems With a Rear Defroster?

Answer A hard frost has settled overnight in your town. You'd like to drive to work, but without a working rear defroster it is difficult for you to back down the driveway as you can't see where you are g... Read More »

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Rear Defroster Troubleshooting?

A rear window defroster is essentially a grid that receives a very low level of electricity to create heat and eliminate frost and fog that can build up inside your car on cold days. The average re... Read More »

Defroster Problems?

No matter what vehicle they're driving, car owners can face a number of common problems with rear defrosters, including electrical failure, timer issues and physical damage. Defrosters on most auto... Read More »

How to Remove the Tint From a Rear Defroster?

Rear window tint can add style to your car and give your vehicle shade from the sun; however, tint on the rear window can also prevent your defroster from working to its full potential. Rear window... Read More »

How to Repair a BMW Rear Window Defroster?

If the grid in your BMW's rear window defroster breaks, and the connection fails, the defroster line containing the break will not work. The typical cost to replace the rear windshield in a BMW was... Read More »