Problems With a Radiator Cooling Fan?

Answer The radiator cooling fan is an essential part of your vehicle's cooling system. The fan is used to keep the engine cool when the vehicle is not traveling at high enough speeds to do it with natural... Read More »

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How to Flush the Cooling System in a Ford Taurus With No Radiator Cap?

The engine cooling system in the Ford Taurus, like all engine cooling systems, requires pressure to work properly. The radiator cap is the key component in keeping the system pressurized. Without t... Read More »

Problems With A/C Condensers & Cooling Fan Relays?

Engine overheating or poor air conditioning due to problems with your condenser or cooling fan relays in your air conditioning system cause your powertrain to record a fault code of P0480 to P0485 ... Read More »

Problems With Megane Cooling Fan Relays?

One of the main problems with Renault Megane cooling fan relays is its electrical component, and the electrics in some vehicles are prone to a higher failure rate. This is because they are more int... Read More »

Problems With Toyota Cooling Fans?

A Toyota's coolant temperature is regulated by many electrical and mechanical components. One of the more important components is the cooling fan. The fan lowers the coolant temperature after the c... Read More »