Problems With a Loose Flywheel?

Answer A flywheel on an automobile is used to balance the vibration of the engine and is attached to the crankshaft. The flywheel on a manual transmission vehicle doubles as a balancing device for the eng... Read More »

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Ford Flywheel Problems?

A Ford's flywheel absorbs extraneous energy coming from the engine and also averages out energy from the transmission. Fords can experience problems with their flywheel, especially when they become... Read More »

Ceiling Moisture Problems Using Loose Insulation?

Loose fill insulation is commonly blown into attics and crawl spaces to help keep the home's heat from escaping. In a perfect setting, it works quite well. However, if the insulation is installed i... Read More »

Is it safe and realistic to loose 3lbs a week, I'm overweight and need to loose 56lbs?

yup you can do that, good lucktry this6 steps to transform your body1. CONTROLyour portions.Don’t eat until you are full,eat until you’re not hungry.6 STEPS2. QUESTIONeverything you eat.Fresh v... Read More »

Loose cast replaced, 3 days later it's loose again ?

if it's that loose it's not offering the required support to enable the bones to knit together and heal - it needs replacing - you're not dehydrated are you??