Problems With Weeds in Rivers?

Answer Weeds have been described by Australia's Townsville City Council as "the wrong plant in the wrong place at the wrong time." When non-native species of plants are introduced into an ecosystem where ... Read More »

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Where do i start with a brand new yard no grass just dirt and weeds There are weeds everywhere!?

First kill the weeds. Chemical like Roundup (not a ground sterilizing chemical) or cover with plastic for a few weeks - will kill all. Next rototill. You MUST have good soil under the sod so grass ... Read More »

What do we call streams or rivers that flow into larger rivers?

Rivers and streams that flow into larger rivers are referred to as tributaries. Tributaries can be perennial, meaning they flow all year long, or intermittent, meaning they flow only during the wet... Read More »

Why are Texas rivers called wrong way rivers?

Some of the biggest rivers in Texas are known as "wrong-way rivers" because they mostly carry water away from the driest areas of the state and bring it to the wettest areas--the "wrong" direction,... Read More »

Who will get stuck with Philip Rivers and his band of yo-yos in fantasy football?

I will unless Stafford is still available.BQ: I am a very civil person so I will most likely not even look at the enter button.