Problems With SciPhone i68s on T-Mobile in the U.S.?

Answer The SciPhone i68 is a physical clone of the Apple iPhone manufactured by the Chinese company CECT. It looks like the iPhone but is actually a regular cellular phone running a different operating sy... Read More »

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Problems with my contract mobile?

If you bought the phone from a shop, I would take it back there and see whether they will fix it for you, or give you a replacement. Otherwise you should contact ee/orange and inform them of the si... Read More »

Virgin mobile texting problems?

I have the same problem too. It happened to me at around 7:40. I called and I was not going to wait 10 minutes to talk to someone. I'm assuming this is also happening to a lot of people too. My int... Read More »

Serious problems with my mobile: multiple texts - how can I fix this?

Hi there, in the hope of solving your problem.....try this.Do a master reset on your phone to put it back to the factory default settings, you may have tweeked something along the line and upset th... Read More »

Mobile Phone Use in School: Problems & Solutions?

20 years ago, cellphone use was not a problem for school administrators. Today more and more students have cellphones that they carry with them everywhere. This is not necessarily a bad thing if pa... Read More »