Problems With Saturn Starter Solenoids?

Answer The Saturn has had several reports and at least one recall on the vehicles concerning starter solenoid problems. The starter solenoid is attached to the starter, and allows current to flow into the... Read More »

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Starter Failure & Burnt Solenoids?

If your vehicle will not start and you have already checked the charging and fuel systems for problems, then there is a good chance that your problem is related to the starter. Without a good start... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Starter Solenoids in Fords?

The starter solenoid in your Ford serves to convert the relatively low voltage from the battery to high voltage in order to start the engine. If you are having problems turning on the engine, you m... Read More »

Fact Sheet for Starter Motor Solenoids?

A starter motor solenoid is a crucial part of any automotive electrical system. It is extremely important in getting cars, trucks and other vehicles started.

How to Change a Saturn SL1 Starter?

A bad starter motor on your Saturn LS1 will make strange noises, heat up the starter cables or just refuse to crank the engine. This requires a starter replacement. Whether you are rebuilding or in... Read More »