Problems With Rhododendrons?

Answer Rhododendrons planted in rich, well-draining soil with filtered light exposure are relatively hardy plants. Rhododendrons rarely need continuing care to produce big, beautiful blossoms. Some rhodod... Read More »

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How do i dig out rhododendrons?

Digging The Root BallWater the plant thoroughly. Cut a ring around the plant at the drip line, using a spade. The drip line is under the plant's outermost branch tips. Push the spade down deep enou... Read More »

Are azaleas&rhododendrons the same?

Rhododendron is the name of the genus of a large family of plants, which includes flowers, shrubs and trees. Rhododendron flowers and azalea flowers are not the same, although they are both members... Read More »

When do rhododendrons bloom?

There are about 900 varieties of rhododendrons grown from Canada to Florida. Most rhododendrons bloom in late April or May, depending on weather conditions. There are very early varieties, however,... Read More »

Rhododendrons & Weevils?

Several varieties of weevils make the lives of both gardeners and rhododendrons miserable. The insect devours the leaf of the plant and distributes larvae to increase the damage. Do... Read More »