Problems With Number Recognition in Kindergarten?

Answer Two of the main requirements for kindergarten are that the children can recognize both letters and numbers. Many parents aid their children in this process by introducing them to the alphabet at an... Read More »

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How to Teach Number Recognition to Preschoolers?

It is not always easy to get preschoolers interested in numbers. You sometimes have to get creative in teaching preschoolers how to recognize numbers as well as begin to understand each number's va... Read More »

Maths Games for Number Recognition?

Number recognition is essential for daily tasks, such as filling up gas tanks and dialing phone numbers. It is also essential for being able to perform mathematical problems. Employ the use of game... Read More »

How do I teach number recognition in preschool?

Number recognition can be challenging for some preschoolers to master. Creating fun ways to introduce number recognition encourages children to want to learn more. The first step to understanding m... Read More »

How to Use Everyday Experiences to Increase Number Recognition?

Everyone uses numbers every day. Therefore this is one of the first academic skills preschool children learn about. Preschoolers learn new skills best through games and hands-on activities. Number... Read More »