Problems With Not Running Background Checks on Volunteers?

Answer Employers run background checks on employees and new applicants more often today then ever before, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Federal law requires that background checks be run ... Read More »

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Does anyone such as the FBI CIA do background security checks and checks for citizenship on members of Congress and the President elect?

They MAY do so as a pre-requisite for their accessing certain classified information during their terms of office after they are elected. HOWEVER, there is no Constitutional requirement that these ... Read More »

Problems Encountered With Criminal Backround Checks?

Institutions such as corporations and private citizens (landlords) have come to rely on criminal background checks to aid them in their ventures. While criminal background checks can provide valuab... Read More »

Problems With Daytime Running Lights?

Daytime running lights are installed on automobiles to increase a car's visibility by automatically coming on whether the vehicle is being driven in the day or night. In theory, daytime running lig... Read More »

Why are background checks important?

An examination of one's past might be necessary in a variety of situations throughout adulthood. Because a person might not be completely truthful, the information provided by a background check i... Read More »