Problems With Microfiber Furniture?

Answer Microfiber furniture provides a soft, ascetically pleasing velvet texture combined with easy cleaning. However, the advantages of microfiber come with some less than advantageous features. ... Read More »

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What is microfiber furniture?

Microfiber furniture is upholstered with microfiber fabric. Increasingly popular for home furnishings, microfiber furniture is attractive, long lasting and easy to maintain.Man-made FiberMicrofiber... Read More »

What is used to clean microfiber furniture?

Use a vacuum, soft cloth, baking soda, water and dish soap to clean microfiber furniture. Microfiber fabric, as long as it isn't soiled, doesn't need to be cleaned often. The fabric is hard to stai... Read More »

Is microfiber furniture polyester?

Microfiber fabric used to make furniture is generally made of polyester but not always. Microfiber is usually a polyester fiber that is spun thin. It is desired for its softness and durability. Som... Read More »

How long will microfiber furniture last?

On One Hand: Durable FibersMicrofibers are synthetic fibers that are 10 microns (2.5 ten thousandths of an inch) or less in diameter. Manufacturers weave these microfibers into cloth and use them t... Read More »