Problems With Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP X64?

Answer Although Internet Explorer 7 was succeeded by Internet Explorer 8 in 2009, if you are still using this browser on the Windows XP (64 bit) platform, you may encounter a few browser problems. These i... Read More »

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How to Fix Internet Explorer 7 Problems on Windows Vista?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 comes standard on many computers running Windows Vista. Unfortunately, this piece of complimentary software can sometimes malfunction. The good news is that Windows Vi... Read More »

What's the best Internet Browser I'm sick of having problems with Internet Explorer 7?

I highly recommend Firefox.In this review, CNET Prizefight Internet Explorer 7 vs. Firefox 2, Firefox wins in every category.Firefox is better in every way including, installation woes, look and co... Read More »

Im having problems with my internet explorer 8?

In IE 8,press ctrl+shift+del and check all Boxes except first one and delete browsing history .Then recheck if this works or turn off JavaScript and flash then check

Problems With Images Using Internet Explorer?

If you use several computers with different operating systems or several Internet browsers when you look at websites, you will notice that the same website can look different depending on your conf... Read More »