Problems With Intelligence Testing?

Answer Standardized intelligence tests are commonly used in schools to place students in different groups of classes, such as gifted and remedial. Although these tests have a large body of empirical resea... Read More »

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Problems With Animal Testing?

Animal testing is the use of animals by organizations, such as universities and pharmaceutical companies, for research experiments. Animal testing is done to test new drugs, learn how to fight cert... Read More »

Issues of Intelligence Testing?

Intelligence testing has been around for nearly 100 years, but since the 1970s, test-makers have been trying to address concerns over the reliability and biases of such tests. The original intellig... Read More »

Negatives of Intelligence Testing?

Since 2200 BC, societies have employed intelligence testing in order to compare individual capabilities and award special opportunities to those with the most impressive outcomes. At that time, it ... Read More »

Intelligence Testing in Toddlers?

Intelligence testing in very young children, particularly toddlers is not particularly reliable or good at indicating future achievement levels. Consequently, most testing done in the first few yea... Read More »