Problems With Gumball Trees?

Answer The gumball tree is scientifically known as Liquidambar styraciflua as well as the sweet gum tree. It is a hardy tree that is mostly free from insect problems and is hardy in the face of high winds... Read More »

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Who does the voice of gumball in the amazing world of gumball?

Logan Grove provides the voice of "Gumball Watterson" .

Problems With Fast-Growing Trees?

Fast-growing trees provide shade quickly, a common desire of homeowners who purchase these trees for the landscape. Any tree has its own advantages and problems, proving appropriate in certain situ... Read More »

Problems With Flowering Plum Trees?

Flowering plum trees are lush ornamental trees that produce a profusion of white or pink flowers They need plenty sun and, once established, they are easy to care for and maintain. Though flowering... Read More »

Common Problems With Flowering Cherry Trees?

Flowering cherry trees are popular ornamental trees in the landscape. Though these trees are secondary in importance to the more functional shade trees, the flowering cherry trees are planted for t... Read More »