Problems With Faxes?

Answer Fax machines have become an instrument of necessity in many businesses, serving as a useful tool to send and receive paper documents. Although computers have reduced our dependency on fax machines,... Read More »

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How to Keep Track of Faxes?

Fax technology allows businesses to send and receive documents in just a few minutes. If your business does a lot of faxing then keeping up with your correspondences is important. Losing or forgett... Read More »

I have DSL connect but can't send faxes?

DSL is your problem -- you won't get a dial tone with your DSL modem-- you have a bunch of choices but first check to see if the set up or preferences for the fax are set to DSL or Wide Band. Th... Read More »

Are Faxes Legally Binding?

On One Hand: Strong EvidenceFaxes constitute strong evidence when it comes to legally binding matters. Technology continues to influence all matters of personal and business life. "Any agreement yo... Read More »

How to Send Faxes With an iPhone App?

You can use your iPhone for almost anything, including sending a fax. To fax from an iPhone, you will need to download a faxing app. Many of these apps are available from the iTunes App Store, incl... Read More »