Problems With Employers Terminating Pension Plans?

Answer Pension plans are a source of contention between employers and employee unions. When the economy is strong, both employers and union representatives might find themselves negotiating contracts with... Read More »

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Are state retirement plans considered pension plans?

Retirement plans sponsored by states are considered pension plans. There are two types of pension plans to choose from--a defined benefit plan or a defined contribution plan. The benefit plan tells... Read More »

How Private Pension Plans Work?

When it comes to offering retirement benefits, companies have the opportunity to provide both defined contribution plans and defined benefit plans to their employees. A defined contribution plan is... Read More »

Are Employers Required to Establish Retirement Plans for Their Employees?

Many employers offer retirement plans for their employees as an additional incentive. However, according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), companies are not required by law to provide retireme... Read More »

Government Rules for Private Pension Plans & Retirement Age?

Having a pension plan takes some of the burden off you as you save money for your retirement. The pension is a savings plan to which your employer makes contributions on your behalf. You receive th... Read More »