Problems With Clutch Pedals?

Answer The clutch pedal is what a driver of a manual transmission presses in order to change gears. This type of transmission is found on many sports cars and heavy duty trucks. In addition, drivers who ... Read More »

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Problems With a Clutch?

The clutch is an essential part of an automotive vehicle, but since it's a component that's frequently in use during journeys, it's vulnerable to a range of problems. Many of these are a result of... Read More »

Problems With an Auto Clutch?

Clutches are equipped in automobiles with both manual and automatic transmissions. Clutches have two rotating shafts which can either be connected or separated. The clutch provides a way for the wh... Read More »

Clutch Problems With Older Jeeps?

Jeeps may be the best-known 4x4 vehicles. Certainly technology has led to many improvements in their design. Among the common problems with older Jeeps, such as the CJ, FC, Willy and station wagon,... Read More »

Problems With Nissan Versa Clutch?

Only two recalls of the Nissan Versa have occurred since the automobile's introduction in 2007. No recall has been for any clutch problems, but, according to, some owners have reporte... Read More »