Problems With Christmas Tree Lights?

Answer When the Christmas holidays come around, the stores flare with sets of twinkly Christmas tree lights. These lights come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and, over time, they have become safer and ... Read More »

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Who was the inventor of the Christmas tree with lights?

Christmas tree lights have been used on Christmas trees since the mid-17th century. The concept of using electric lights on trees was invented by Thomas Edison's apprentice, Edward Johnson in 1882.... Read More »

Can you put up a Christmas tree with lights in a house full of active todllers?

Sure you can. When my kids were young I put up the tree INSIDE a play pen so the kids couldnt get at it. Or get a small tree and put it up somewhere high so they cant reach it.

What is the average number of Christmas lights on a Christmas tree?

The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of holiday decorations. The average number of lights on a Christmas tree is 200. The most well-known Christmas tree in the country -- the White House Christmas... Read More »

How to String Christmas Tree Lights?

Hollywood Christmas movies are filled with comical scenes of families tripping over themselves while trying to string lights on the Christmas tree. Maybe this mishap has even happened to you during... Read More »