Problems With Brake Lines?

Answer A brake system is composed of three primary elements: the master cylinder that sends fluid through the lines, the lines themselves, and the slave cylinders (brake calipers) that squeeze on the pad ... Read More »

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How to Bleed Brake Lines With Only One Person?

The brakes on your vehicle need to be maintained properly to ensure flawless operation. The brake pads should be replaced at the first sign of wear. The brake fluid also needs to be replaced. The s... Read More »

Problems With Brake Rotors?

The caliper on the brake assembly clamps a pair of brake pads against the rotor to slow or stop the vehicle as you step on the brake pedal. All these components make up the brake rotor assembly, an... Read More »

Problems With Brake Override?

Brake override is a relatively recent technology used by several carmakers such as Toyota. The technology uses sensors and electronics to engage the brake if the automobile accelerates suddenly. Mo... Read More »

How to Bleed the Brake Lines After a Front Brake Job?

Whenever any component is removed from the brake system, air is likely to get into the brake lines. The brakes on a vehicle cannot function correctly if there is any air in the brake lines. Bleedin... Read More »