Problems With Aloe Plants?

Answer Aloe plants are easy to care for with few disease or pest problems. Proper care significantly reduces the incidence of problems. Aloe plants are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture Zones 10 and... Read More »

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How do i grow aloe plants with dying leaves?

PruningCut off any dying or dead leaves at the base of the plant using a clean, sharp knife. Cut close to the stem, being careful to not cut into the stem. Do not remove more than a quarter of the ... Read More »

Problems With Yucca Plants?

Yuccas produce long, spear-like leaves. The plants flower in summer, producing white or red blooms along tall spikes. There is a variety of this low-maintenance desert plant that grows well in almo... Read More »

Large Aloe Plants?

Though many aloe plants are small enough to be kept on the window sill or in the home, remember that aloe describes a large genus of plants with more than 400 members. Many aloe plants are large. W... Read More »

How do i start aloe plants?

Separating PupsGently remove loose soil from around the offset or pup from the mother aloe plant. Aloes start new plants from the roots of old plants. Separate the pup from the mother plant's roots... Read More »