Problems With Aloe Plants?

Answer Aloe plants are easy to care for with few disease or pest problems. Proper care significantly reduces the incidence of problems. Aloe plants are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture Zones 10 and... Read More »

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Are all aloe plants edible?

The lower leaves of the aloe vera plant have medicinal uses. The gel contained in the lower leaf is often used to treat damaged human skin. The leaves and seeds of the plant are both also edible.So... Read More »

How do I grow aloe plants?

Prepare the PotPrepare a pot for your aloe plant that has one or two drainage holes in the bottom. Pour 1 inch of gravel into the pot and spread it around evenly. Top off the pot with potting mix. ... Read More »

How often do aloe plants bloom?

According to Learn2Grow, there are over 300 species of aloe plants besides the commonly-used aloe vera plant. Some aloe plants produce flowers that bloom on and off year-round, primarily in hot and... Read More »

Large Aloe Plants?

Though many aloe plants are small enough to be kept on the window sill or in the home, remember that aloe describes a large genus of plants with more than 400 members. Many aloe plants are large. W... Read More »