Problems That Students Encounter With Essay Writing?

Answer An essay is either well-written or it is not. Sounds simple, but the balancing act of forming a cohesive essay is as difficult as walking a tight rope. What constitutes a well-written essay is desc... Read More »

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Problems That Students Encounter in 8th Grade Reading & Language Arts?

Eighth grade is an important point in a young student's life. In some school systems, it marks an age of anticipation before high school begins. In other school systems, it marks another stepping s... Read More »

How to Teach Essay Writing to Third and Fourth Grade Students?

Writing skills are essential and the earlier a student is introduced to these skills, the better. Students are often taught the essentials of essay writing in both high school and middle school, bu... Read More »

Tips on Excellent Essay Writing for Elementary Students?

Elementary school students' abilities to write vary widely. Some kids excel at grammar, spelling and punctuation, but most kids can learn to write essays with excellent content. Improving a studen... Read More »

Problems That Ph.D. Students Have With Writing?

Writing as a Ph.D. student comes with a considerable amount of pressure, particularly when working on a dissertation. You are essentially working on the project that can make or break your academic... Read More »