Problems Syncing Runs on My iPod?

Answer It is frustrating when you cannot sync your iPod to your iTunes, and you don't know what is causing the problem. Until it is fixed, you cannot update your iPod and listen to any new music. There ar... Read More »

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Having problems syncing ipod?

Well it is most likely corrupted because of the illegal files you've downloaded. When you download illegal music, there is an extremely high risk of virus infection. And you can't really go to Appl... Read More »

When you replace a lost iPod with a new one will you have trouble syncing your iTunes to the new iPod?

How do you put iPod games on your iPod without syncing it?

That is impossible. You cannot put anything on an ipod without syncing it. The definition of syncing is "combining."Whoever gave this answer obviously doesn't know much about iPods. The songs are i... Read More »

IPHONE! help! Syncing Problems.?

It's either a problem with the PC software or your data cable is damaged.So check this 2 issues.Reinstall itunes and see.