Problems & Purpose of Science Projects?

Answer Science projects revolve around the problem (or question) that is being addressed during the project. The purpose of a science project is to answer that question --- find a solution for the proble... Read More »

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Science Projects With the Purpose to Produce a Hypothesis?

Many science projects can center on the production of a hypothesis. Before completing your science project, you should carry out background research and write a brief formal statement outlining you... Read More »

High School Science Fair Projects Involving Forensic Science?

In forensic science, high school students learn the elements of a criminal investigation and how the science is applied in court. Science projects about forensic science hold many possibilities. St... Read More »

Physical Science Science Fair Projects for 5th Graders on Electricity?

They are many ways to teach the scientific method, promote student participation and provide a hands-on approach to science. Many physical science projects concerning electricity and have been desi... Read More »

Science Projects Using Recyclables for New Projects?

Recycling uses discarded materials--newspapers, various plastics, aluminum cans and office paper--that are sorted, processed and converted into raw materials. These raw materials are used to produc... Read More »