Problems Getting Paid in Freelancing?

Answer Perhaps the biggest problem of foregoing a freelance career is the possibility of slow or no payments According to the Freelancers Union, 77 percent of its 120,000 members have had clients who did ... Read More »

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How to Get Paid on Time when Freelancing?

Give them the bootWhile freelancing provides you with a lot of freedoms not experienced by salaried workers, there is one less certainty involved and that is the regular pay check. As such, timely ... Read More »

Are you supposed to get paid monthly for getting hurt on the job?

AnswerIn general, the answer is "Yes".If your employer at the time of the injury was required to and did maintain workers compensation coverage, that insurance should provide benefits of two main t... Read More »

Freelancing and Definition?

Working for a company is rewarding. A person may enjoy earning a weekly salary and working a regular 40 hours per week; however, an individual interested in a freelancing career can experience the ... Read More »

What is Ellen degeneres getting paid to be a judgeon American Idol?

What ever Paula got paid.... which would be between 5 million and 8 million.