Problems From a Bad Oil Filter?

Answer Oil filters help ensure oil in your engine system does not become clogged with contaminants. There are a variety of problems that can be caused by shoddy or faulty oil filters, all of which can cau... Read More »

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Will a carbon filter filter out soap from a turtle tank?

No filter - not even a high-powered carbon filter - can completely remove soap from a tank. Because even a small amount of soap can be lethal to aquatic animals such as turtles, you should clean yo... Read More »

Symptoms of Fuel Filter Problems?

The fuel filter is designed to keep contaminants out of the fuel system. The fuel injector sprays a fine mist of fuel into the cylinder moments before the spark is ignited. The orifices in the inje... Read More »

Fuel Filter Clogging Problems?

Sometimes the family car needs a little TLC to keep it running smoothly. Changing fuel filters is one such do-it-yourself task required to keep the engine going. There are a few telltale signs tha... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Pool D.E. Filter Problems?

Pool owners who use a diatomaceous earth (DE) filter to clean their pools understand just how sensitive a DE filter can be. Because it can filter out particles as small as two microns, it is import... Read More »