Problems Caused by Motorcycle Ignition Timing?

Answer Motorcycle engines are similar in almost every way to their automotive counterparts, relying on the compression and ignition of a highly combustible mixture of air and fuel to generate power. As in... Read More »

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How to Set the Ignition Timing on a Motorcycle?

Accurate ignition timing for your motorcycle is crucial for optimal performance. It increases the engine life, gives your motorcycle more power and increases your gas mileage. Adjustment of the ign... Read More »

Problems Caused by a Cracked Ignition Coil?

A car usually runs smoothly, unfortunately, sometimes it does not. When a car runs rough, a variety of problems may be caused by a cracked ignition coil. Diagnosing a bad coil may appear daunting, ... Read More »

Ignition Timing Problems?

The ignition system on a car or truck includes the distributor, ignition coil, spark plugs, and wires. In addition, later model vehicles use computer-controlled ignitions that cannot be altered. Ig... Read More »

Motorcycle Ignition Problems?

Motorcycle ignition systems are exposed to very harsh operating conditions. Many components are exposed to the elements. High engine temperatures effect the components and cause insulation breakdow... Read More »