Problem with unbuntu Win7 dual boot?

Answer Have you tried both shift keys separately? Worst case scenario, you can just load up the Ubuntu install CD and edit your grub settings from it.

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How to Uninstall Unbuntu (Linux) from a Dual Boot System with BootIt Nex Gen Software?

You have Ubuntu or other Linux OS on your dual booted Windows PC and you want an easy way to remove Ubuntu/Linux, and here it is.

Win7 dosn't work now that I've installed Unbuntu?

Use the Search box at the top of this page to look for "how to uninstall ubuntu from windows". It will involve using your Windows installer disk to write a new boot loader without depending on Grub... Read More »

XP(c) - W7(d) dual boot - login problem?

1ST UF YOU HAVE ACCESS TO AN ACCOUNT WITH ADMIN STATUS DO THIS 1.Log on to Windows by using another administrator account that has a password that you remember. You may need to start Windows in the... Read More »

64 bit versions of win7 need 2 GB of RAM for installing win7. What wil happen if i install 64 bit version with?

Despite being India, where everything is cut to bare minimum, less than 2GB will be terrible issues. 2GB will install and run unsatisfactory. Other than a few very budget laptops and desktops, 4GB ... Read More »