Problem with my graphics driver...?

Answer the ideal place to download graphics / video drivers, from what I hear, is the manufacturer's website. there is a program known as Speccy - conveniently tells you what type of whatever component o... Read More »

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Do i have to UNinstall graphics driver first (to REinstall later) before adding another graphics card for SLI?

If you're using SLI then you have the exact same chip set as your first card, which means you already have the drivers for your second card. All drivers for SLI enabled cards already have SLI capab... Read More »

What Is My Graphics Driver?

Your graphics driver is a piece of software that supports the graphics display hardware in your computer. It tells the operating system how to interact with the hardware, and interprets hardware si... Read More »

How to Update a Graphics Driver?

Graphics drivers are pieces of software that allow your graphics card to communicate with your computer so you can view images on your computer screen. Outdated drivers can at times cause image dis... Read More »

How to Upgrade a Graphics Driver?

Sometimes errors caused by a graphics card happen because the card simply needs an updated driver. Every so often, computer part manufacturers release new versions of the drivers to better suit new... Read More »