Problem with my foot?

Answer From the descprition I can not tell you if you fractured anything. I doubt it is broken just because if it was, you probably wouldn't be able to bare any weight on it. It could be fractured because... Read More »

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Foot problem ,i beg for help );?

what you mean is actually "CALUS" not talus. that usually happens when you're wearing new foot wears, too tight foot wears, wearing shoes without socks, etc. at early stage that will be very painfu... Read More »

Foot and ankle problem?

It could be a lot of different things- maybe you are putting pressure on it and cutting off the blood flow. You don't really give enough details to know for sure.But maybe its enough if you don't s... Read More »

Foot problem please help me );?

1. Wash your feet in warm water every day. Dry your feet very well. Be sure to dry between the toes.2. Wear shoes and socks at all times. Never walk with bare foot. Wear always comfortable shoes ... Read More »

One badly sprained or worse foot with cramps other foot with cramps is it coming out in sympathy?

I have the same thing with my shoulder. I hurt the right one, now the right one's ok but for no reason I can imagine the left one now has problems with the degree of rotation. Weird. Cramps usua... Read More »