Problem with my computer?

Answer When you open the internet... hit f11 (function11)

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I am having a problem with my computer responds slowly?

just reformat your pc and job doneor Here is some steps to speed up your computer.1. delete all temp files from your computer (search--*.tmp--all drive-- delete) or manually from windows temp folde... Read More »

What possible cause could you come up with, with this computer problem?

hi andron smith, very enteresting problem you got there andron so what it tells me is that at one time or another linux was installed on that computer so what it did was form new drivers away from ... Read More »

Problem with my new computer?

If it's not working and you have just bought it, then take it back.Either the mouse isn't working or the port that it is in is broken.Don't mess about with it or you could void the warranty!

A problem with my computer?

Try the following methods...........................Method 1: No Add-ons Mode->Click Start. Type in "iexplorer.exe -extoff" and press enter. This will open IE in No Add-ons mode. Check if the crash... Read More »