Problem with my Mac OS X Leopard and You Tube..?

Answer Radio, it seems like I recall this problem. I'll think on it while I make dinner and ask the hubs and check back. If you don't have the right answer in a couple of hours I'll see what I can remembe... Read More »

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How do you enable cookies on Firefox using mac os x leopard... When I click on Tools there is no options menu. I have only had a problem trying to load ESPN Insider - possible virus?

Nevermind, I apparently forgot that on the Mac, things are under Firefox-Preferences. I still can't get ESPN Insider's "Rumor Central" to load without getting an error message about cookies. Maybe ... Read More »

You tube not working , when I open any video in you tube , although the you tube page opens, but the part?

Yeah that happens sometimes with me too just reload/refresh the page!

When the neural tube of a baby developsIs there any problem if you do any hard work on the third week after conception?

Answer Most women are able to work up until delivery. Illegal drugs and alcohol, and some antibiotics, like Augmentin, will effect the neural tube development, but not mother's exertion. good luck ... Read More »

How to Reset Safari on a Macintosh Running Leopard or Snow Leopard?

Have you ever needed to get rid of a Macintosh, but don't have the time to remove your saved passwords and history from Safari? In this article I will teach you how to do so quickly, and safely.