Problem with monitor?

Answer This sounds like the video RAM might be going out. This can be caused by static damage or overheating the system. Laptop: If the video interface is replaceable, I would replace it, but most laptops... Read More »

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Why my monitor get green sometimes this problem is from monitor , VGA or Monitor cable ?

This often indicates a bad pin on the end of the vga cable. Sometimes the pin is bent or will push into the body of the connector when you try to insert it into the jack. Close examination will usu... Read More »

A problem with my computer monitor.?

Use the physical buttons on the monitor to adjust the screen position.

Problem with computer monitor?

Without make and model of the parts of equipment or the operating system, not possible to guess what to do.

What can I do about this problem with my monitor?

the image has no flaw so i suggest you pull the monitor cable out both ends and check they are not damaged then put them back in do this while viewing the monitorloose connection