Problem with mkv and 720p videos using KMPlayer?

Answer Or you can just use VLC player... plays .mvk just fine with intact subtitles.Or get you can ply .mkv just fine in any player, even WMP w... Read More »

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Is there any way to convert avi file(624 x 352 pixel) to 720p, 480p or HD and burning HD(720p) videos to DVD?

yes, i recommend PCHand video converter, it can help you to convert avi fils to 720p,480p or hd video. Save $34.99 as it will be Only available FREE from Oct. 26 to Oct. 31.Free get video converter... Read More »

Subtitles on AVI using kmplayer?

First - Use a decent player, VLC, BSplayer, media player classic, etc.Second - If the subs are embedded you might need to turn them on first.Third - You might not actually have the subs, google the... Read More »

Can you still get 720p videos on a tv with the ZuneHD sync dock if you already have an hdmi cord?

Component video cable and HDMI cable can handle the 720P signal. With HDMI you get video and audio signal, while component only video. Hope this will help you out.

Is using a blu ray player with a 720p tv worth it?