Problem with downloading windows. "drive root is not a valid location"?

Answer Guys, what a few have mentioned here is right, the servers are down. It has got nothing to do with the backslash or any other thing in YOUR directory or computer. The backslah thing might have work... Read More »

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Am still having problem..even after downloading and scanning my problem is not solved yet?

Chances r u got a smitfraud trojan.Run this tool, it cleared it for me. Instructions r also there, follow it exactly.…But this tool is for XP & win2k only.

Problem downloading GSnap?

I'm having trouble understanding what your question is. You say you're having trouble downloading it but in the information you say it's in Documents and then you give what looks like its EULA (En... Read More »

How can I get Windows movie maker (2011) without downloading Windows 7?

Do you really need WMM or are you simply looking for a program to made DVD videos? If it's the latter, try DVD Flick (link below). It's a free program that does a pretty good job.

Problem downloading files from the internet?

Because that web site is a bogus one for collecting information about you, such as your: • name • address • email address • phone number • mother's maiden name • digits of ... Read More »