Problem with computer monitor?

Answer Without make and model of the parts of equipment or the operating system, not possible to guess what to do.

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A problem with my computer monitor.?

Use the physical buttons on the monitor to adjust the screen position.

Computer Monitor problem?

That sucks. Check the VGA or DVI input both on the computer and on the monitor, make sure its plugged in and screwed in all the way. Besides that I have no idea what could be wrong. Is your monitor... Read More »

I need help with solving a computer monitor problem.?

Check your graphic card...try the monitor on another computer and see how it goes...or if it is still under waranty take it back let the dealer check it.

Computer Monitor/Projector Problem.?

The splitter does not give enough signal strength to both outputs to make them work. A guess since you give no make/model of anything.