Problem with an Internet router?

Answer I hope to help you out here. There are many issues when dealing with routers, however; I'll tell you a few things you can try, some of which, are very permanent.First thing, do understand if the r... Read More »

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Can someone that you share internet router with iliminate your acces to the internet?

If they have access to the routers configeration page then yes they can block you the question is do they know how to get around inside a routers brain it isn't easy althouh if the router has a fir... Read More »

Wifi problem with Netgear Router?

Netgear is a pain for wireless- In my experience the wifi can give up after a week and needs a total reboot.Thats the first thing to try. Alternatively, your phone etc may not support the level of ... Read More »

Problem with Belkin router help please?

First question: are you trying to disable your router's DHCP server (which assigns an IP to your PC), or your router's ability to obtain its own IP address from your ISP?I'm going to assume your in... Read More »

Can router be problem with streaming of netflix thru blu ray?

Quick method: 1.Download VLC player. 2.Throw DVD in your computer. Painful method: Scour stores and eBay for a DVD/Blu Ray player that plays region 4.