Problem with NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M, it's interfering with Fallout 3 launch?

Answer Do you have one of those "Optimus" dual video cards? That's known to cause some problems with FO3 (which existed before there's such switchable stuff). Supposedly, if you install the latest drivers... Read More »

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I have a Toshiba Satellite with Intel core 2 duo processor T5450 and NVIDIA Geforce 8700GT with 256MB VRAM?

What type of drivers is it demanding? The more common drivers required by most games today are graphics drivers so I'm assuming it's that one.You say you have a 8700GT? Or maybe do you mean the 870... Read More »

Problem Nvidia Geforce GT440 1GB DDR3 and Pc?

The card needs 300watts and your CPU will take around 95watts, so that's only leaving 105watts for the rest of the system which will be ok but it's getting close. That card will do you fine for med... Read More »

Will the evga nvidia Geforce 550 ti Work with windows 8?

Okay, 1) ALL GPU's are compatible with any windows, just download drivers on nvidia website2) The GPU has to be compatible with the MOTHERBOARD, the processor doesn't matter. You need a motherboard... Read More »

Will a Nvidia Geforce 7600 work with blu-ray movies or blu-ray burners?

As for DVD ISO movies, you can use the Apple DVD player to playback. But Apple inc still make their computer not support the Blu-rays. So you need other tools to help you play Blu-ray ISO on Mac. A... Read More »