Problem with HD-DVD player. Need help!?

Answer I also have a Toshiba HD-A20KU HD-DVD and purchased the movie 300. As I started to play it, there was no audio!. I had just watched The Bourne Supremacy and it worked fine. Now no matter what mo... Read More »

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Youtube video problem or Flash player problem?

From the sound of it, I'm pretty sure the problem is with Firefox.I suggest restart Firefox with add-ons disabled. Just go to Help icon on the upper left side of your Firefox browser and then tick ... Read More »

Blu Ray Player sound problem?

Not sure if you are using HDMI or component but try checking and replacing the cables to rule them out as well. Another test is to connect the bluray to another TV to rule out a problem with the in... Read More »

Problem with Flash Player....?

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Flash Player problem?

try downloadin and installin this version:11.7.700.169