Problem with HD-DVD player. Need help!?

Answer I also have a Toshiba HD-A20KU HD-DVD and purchased the movie 300. As I started to play it, there was no audio!. I had just watched The Bourne Supremacy and it worked fine. Now no matter what mo... Read More »

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I need help with youtube problem,can anyone help?

Problem with blu ray player, everythings connected right, but....PLEASE HELP!!?

Magnavox is considered a budget brand, and not the most reliable. You may have caused the problem, but it's at least as possible that it failed on it's own. If it's 4 months old it should be covere... Read More »

Problem with my ear Really need help!?

Hi, i would say use some "Otex" which is oil for blocked ears, it should work just tip you head side ways and sleep on the other ear. Or if you havnt got any Otex put 2teaspoons of olive oil into a... Read More »

I need help with a kindle problem?

Try deleting some apps they might be taking up some valuable memory that your kindle needs to operate properly. If that doesn't work I'm afraid you might have to reset your kindle back to factory s... Read More »