Problem with Footnotes in Word for Mac?

Answer Which version of Word for Mac are you using. I tried to duplicate what you stated, but was unable to get the same problem. Everything is working fine for me. Maybe there is something else going ... Read More »

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How do i delete footnotes in a Word document?

Open up the Word document you wish to edit. Click on the "View" menu and select "Print Layout" view in order to see footnotes and note reference marks. Highlight the reference mark, such as number ... Read More »

How to Convert Footnotes to EndNotes on MS Word for Mac 2004?

MS Word for Mac is a version of Word 2003 for the Apple Macintosh computer. Word for MAc 2004 is a word processing program that can help you build books, articles and research papers with options f... Read More »

Definition of Footers & Footnotes in Microsoft Word?

At first glance, footers and footnotes are easily confused. Footers and footnotes both appear at the bottom of document pages, separated from the rest of the text, but the similarity ends there. Ea... Read More »

Problem with MS-Word please.?

It would have helped to know which version of MS-Word you are using, and at what update level. So I will assume it to be 2003 or an earlier version.By going into the menu options of TOOLS ==> CUST... Read More »