Problem wid my Graphic Card ?

Answer I would try and take out the card and put it back in. If that doesnt work then i think you may have blown a gasket in your GPU. You probably need to get a new one. :(

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Graphic card problem?

Same problem with a perfectly healthy GTX 580 with aftermarket cooler. It's not your video card it's the 301.47 drivers. Do a search for, download and install :Xtreme-G 305.68 Win7 drivers. These a... Read More »

I try to install my graphic card (ATI) in Suse10.2 but i have a problem?

Hi, why r u using suse 10.2?openSUSE 11.0 is out and its a million times better, u can get it herehttp://en.opensuse.orgTo compile a driver install "make", "gcc", and "kernel-source"You will have t... Read More »

How to make my Geforce graphic card as the default graphic card for my PC?

Well you could slipstream some Nvidia drivers into your Windows CD, but since that is rather complicated to describe...There are two things I can think of for that problem.1. You are using a restor... Read More »

Increasing Graphic Card Voltage Can Put The Graphic Card In Danger?

Of course it will shorten it's lifespan, but that said as long as the overvolt isn't too extreme it can be worth it as by the time the card breaks it will probably be obsolete anyway. Watch out tho... Read More »